Friday, June 28, 2013

Welcome to UKEN Money .Net

I am keeping things short and concise here, so we get to the point instead of fiddling here and there.

RULE #1: Please be reminded, if you are NOT real money/cash player, as in someone who DOES NOT spend a $$ dime in their games, this is NOT for you! BUT, if you ARE a real money/cash player, WELCOME to!

Introduction of UKEN Money .Net
I started out like each and everyone of you, from low level with low income to high level with huge income. I've been playing popular UKEN games like Forces of War (FoW), Dark Galaxy (DG), Age Of Legends (AoL) and also Villains (Vil) for over 1 year++ now. 

Knowing game money & income is crucial success to each games (i'm not a full LEs guy) to support high upkeep (especially when you have full merceneries), i spent most of my time building my game income through every means including bounties, hourly collection, and many more.

Currently i am making the following income combined from multiple accounts for each game:

Forces of War (FoW) - $8.3 Trillion/day or $249 Trillion/month

Dark Galaxy (DG) - $7.5 Trillion/day or $225 Trillion/month

Age Of Legends (AoL) - $6.2 Trillion/day or $186 Trillion/month

Villains (Vil) - $5.4 Trillion/day or $162 Trillion/month

**Figure updated: 01 July 2013

Purpose of UKEN Money .Net
To sell UKEN game money for an affordable fees. Yes, you read it right, real money for virtual game money. Again read Rule #1. Some may ask why? It's simple, in these games although there are black market, tech lab, science lab or high council that you may purchase your cash from for 12 gb/science/valor pts, it's simply not worth the money spent as they are too expensive and not affordable. But will be providing and selling this game money for a very affordable fees. Affordable for every levels, provided you willing to pay!

The How / When / What / Where / Why of UKEN Money .Net
1. How do we do the transactions and transfer of in-game money, the whole process?
- Steps as below:
                1) Add my KIK: Souljuz (KIK is a mobile messenger for easier communication)
                2) You need to let me know which game you are from, your current level and current income.
                3) We will first check if we are in level range, if no, the higher level (either you or me) will need to get posted to bounty and lower level guy will hit for window.
                4) Once window established, i will generate a paypal link depending on how much you would like to purchase and the amount you need to pay, you make the full payment and i will verify. Once verified..
                5) I will hit you once for retaliate button.
                6) I will then withdraw money from bank. Usually if you purchased 5T, i will withdraw 10T, so that you use less ammo when hitting me for money and the process of transfering money is faster too.
                7) You hit me until you get your 5T, then stop hitting.
                8) You splatt yourself and start building those money into land/bases.

2. How much are you selling in all UKEN games?
- Each 1 Trillion for ONLY $10(USD), irregardless of levels.

3. If i purchased more than 5T, 10T, 20T or 30T? Will there be any discounts for me?
- Yes, definitely! Contact me in KIK and we will sort it out.

4. What payment type do you accept?
- PayPal and Credit Cards at this moment.

5. When is the best time to contact you for in-game money transfer and payment?
- Best is GAME TIME from 14:00-17:00 or 10:00PM-01:00AM (GMT+8)

6. Why not you do the transfer of in-game money first then i will pay? Since it's real vs virtual money!
- I used to practiced that few times, but got scammed by numerous irresponsible players. They simply just ignore me after taking the in-game money and never pay. So i won't be practicing that method no more.

7. How do i know if you are legit and not a scammer?
- Often, this is a subject brought up by first time potential clients. It's really hard to proof if i'm legit and not a scammer without the first transaction. However, to have 70% trust in me, i will provide you my Allies/Guilds/Alliance Code, you need to add me and then go to your Local Squadron/Local Elites/Local Legends/Local Legends, click under Richest/Wealthiest category and you shall see my money kept in bank, usually it is with more than 30Trillions.

8. Will someone know if i am buying from you?
- Noone will ever know unless you told someone yourself. I do not reveal my client identity to anyone unless with your permission (for example testimonials, but will remain anonymous.)

9. Is the process of transferring money illegal and will i be banned from doing so?
- I've done many transferring of in-game money mainly in FoW before i go 'global' to DG, VIL and AoL. All my clients are all safe and stronger than ever.

10. Add your questions here by emailing them to ukenmoney[at], and i will have them listed here.....